Self-care is extremely important for everyone. This is especially true for healthy drink which is increasingly a growing trend and immensely popular regardless of gender and age.

The first of its kind for healthy drink, Iceberg Energy Drink is full of nutrients from herbal extracts for longevity, such as cordyceps and ginseng, helping to strengthen power and increase immunity. In addition, with the benefits of vitamin B6 and B12, it supports the nurturing of nervous system and brain function, relieving exhaustion and refreshing your body which keeps you active throughout the day. It’s perfectly fine to drink every day at any time regardless of gender and age.

With deliberate design, it’s packaged in modern-looking and compact-sized can with a manufacturing standard of GMP, HACCP, and BRC. This helps to ensure consumers the highest level of safety concern and global quality standard.

Ginseng Extract

Lowering cholesterol level,
stimulating blood circulation,
enhancing immune system

Cordyceps Extract

stimulating blood circulation,
and enhancing liver and kidney function 

Vitamin B12

nurturing nervous system
and brain for refreshness

Vitamin B3

skin rejuvenation

Vitamin B6

Improving immune system
and brain function


Rejuvenating skin
and strengthening body’s bones,
joints, and body’s tissue


Organic caffeine extract for energy boost
and brain nourishment

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Where to Buy




Rimping Supermarket, Chiang Mai
(6 Stores)

(All Stores)

CJ Supermarket
(300 Stores)

PT Max Mart
(All Stations)

24 Hours Supermarket,
Suan Lum Night Bazaar

Best Supermarket, Pattaya

Gourmet Market,
Home Freshmart
(12 Stores)

Foodmart, Pattaya