Maintaining good health is important to everyone especially with the rising trend of healthy drinks which is becoming more popular with people of all ages.


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The new kind of healthy drink with special formula from the extract of vitamins, cordyceps sinensis (Tang Chao), and ginseng; which helps strengthen the body and builds stronger immune systems. These ingredients are further enhanced with the mix of vitamin B6 and B12 which nourishes the nervous and brain systems. The special formula helps fight against fatigue and is suitable for people with all ages.

Manufactured and packaged to the highest standard with all GMP, HACCP and BRC certificates. This is to ensure that Iceberg Energy Drink is completely safe with world-class manufacturing quality.

Cordyceps Sinensis

Tang Chao boosts blood flow
and improves immune systems

Korean Ginseng

Reduce Cholesterol Levels
and Increase immunity to the body

Vitamin B12

Strengthens nervous system
which helps concentration
and the body a refreshing feeling.

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